What is the difference with 5.0?
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Thread: What is the difference with 5.0?

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    What is the difference with 5.0?

    Sorry to be a noob, but I couldn't find any information on what 5.0 files do. I tried the search, but won't let me search the term "5.0".

    What will 5.0 add that v4 doesn't offer?

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    Its basically more of a test version.
    the 5.0 files are from a different phones leaked release, but some will work on the Storm.
    I've added the working ones to BBCrackman's v4 release to see if the 5.0 files made a difference.
    Your results will vary, but some have had good experience with it, while others not so much. I personally like it, but really its up to you.
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