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upgrade from .131 to .141 already:

- camera really response very fast. Love it !
- screen tapping during browsing is Surprisingly VERY accurate (during browsing, when you need to tap the menu or you need to fill in information, you don't even need to zoom first, tap, there you go....never miss again or must zoom 2x)

- looks like mem leak is still an issue. start up 8:48 pm with 44.7 mb - 10:57 pm 33 mb
- browsing speed not much different than .131
- keyboard...accurate, just like .131
- it is true there is a bug in "lock issues", i'm fine though, not much using this feature
- accelerometer better than .131 (.122 also better than .131)

8 hours after upgrading, when I was on the phone, it reset by itself (just like we do battery pull)...gosh...

But after this reboot, the browsing "suddenly" becomes very fast (I mean significantly improve).

Now, I will update the mem leak again after this sudden reboot....probably the mem leak is improving too??

over all...It's fun to upgrade to .141
nice findings!