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    Quote Originally Posted by dandiele View Post
    i wish all the hybrid makers would have stuck together on this site and updated there own sub forum rather then making there own site....i liked it before all in one spot. and now we gotta have 2 vip memberships....JEESH.

    Cant agree with you more. $$ is already spread out thin as it is. I Constantly have a least a handful of bb sites open throughout the day and I can understand the reasoning behind 'VIP', but being that I am not going there anytime soon I decided to create my own Hybrid.

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    Findings on the New hybrid by Lyr

    Guys - here are my initial findings

    Accelerometer super fast
    Boot up time around 2-3 mins
    mem up @ 51Mb and rock solid... i don't use a lot of apps though
    Battery life really good @ 90% after a couple of calls and around 6 hrs of standby
    The themes also does not drain the mem as in .328

    Will play around some more and post any other findings.
    Nothing bad to say abt this hybrid as of now... if u have not tried it i strongly recommend it.

    Lyricidal as always thanks a lot for this great hybrid.... Who needs a "perfect Storm" when ur around :hail::hail::hail:

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