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    Quote Originally Posted by ColinAlbright View Post
    Hi, basically what I do is first back the phone up... Then use JL_Cmder to flatten the phone.., so we are back to a fully wiped phone..
    I then run the installer for and install the new OS using the Blackberry Desktop Manager..., then simply restore my backup so all my contacts etc are back in place...
    If I could sort the lock out after it being in the holster, I would be reasonably happy.., but my dilema is that I use my Blackberry for a living and I can't afford for it to crash and lockout while in my pocket, just in case people are urgently after me...
    So I'm caught..., I need something that is 100% and seems the way to go, at least in the short term...

    Dude im in Sydney Oz and experiencing the exact same thing.
    If my phone is plugged in to either power or usb. the software works.
    As soon as it unpluggs and "screensaver" activates ,the devise dimms .
    Cant use lock/unlock, cant rotate, cant power off.

    only answer is a battery pull.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Baz00mas View Post
    I agree with you colin. My BB is my lifeline for new business and clients so I can't afford to be without it so it's .181 for me for now.
    Also I've never dabbled with Hybrids for the same reason in case I brick my phone.
    I gave 5....230 a go and I like some of the new features but it was too unstable

    I have gone back to .181 for now.
    How do I remove the update from desktop manager as everytime I sync it now tries to get me to update to 5 again

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