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    Hallo All

    I have just recently upgraded my Bold from to, at first the "wild" reboot happen when connection change from 3G to 2G. After reading some threads I tried to change the .314 with .348, and it surely reduce the "wild" reboot. It is not fix totally, but in my case it really reduce it. Only when the signal is absent, then my Bold will reboot. As far as I know, when the signal still there (regardless of 3/2G) no reboot will happen.

    Usually I get 2/3 reboots per day, no other problem found so far. Though still hardly finds themes for OS 5, I think the default themes are good enough. All softs run well, speed is a bit increasing, nice visual enhancements and some extras default utilities included. Some softs, will auto upgraded by the developer through the OTA download while some still in OS 4.6.

    Finally, my personal opinions are;
    1. Change the radio with .348 (reducing 3/2G wild reboot)
    2. Use soft made for OS 4.7 and above
    3. Until somebody made it, stay with default themes
    4. Since this is a leaked OS, some glitches will always happen
    5. If you don't know what you are doing, never try to use leaked/beta OS

    BlackBerry Bold 9000
    OS radio
    8GB SDHC class 6
    10 days in OS 5.314

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    I also found that using the .348 radio file seemed to address the immense memory leaks and battery drainage. I'm not sure how the radio can effect memory, perhaps it was an app ... not entirely sure.

    .314 + .348 radio file = one sweet OS.

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