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    Can read Chinese but can not input pinyin

    Dear users,

    Yesterday I updated my OS from to official OS released by Telefonica Spain which is After I upgraded, I installed also the chinese font, including the simplified pinyin input. But after the installing was done, I can see the language of chinese displayed, but I can't set my input method to pinyin. If I installed other chinese input, such as WuBiHua, it can be chosen, but i can't do that only for pinyin.

    I tried rolling back to, but the menu still could not appear.
    Can anyone help me ?

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    不知道你是不是使用alt+enter无法找到还是说在设置里面无法找到呢?理论上如果你安装成功的pin yin输入会在语言与文本输入中看到你安装的输入法。
    不过还有一种可能,是不是你的pinyin使用的是autotext进行的呢?如果是这样的话就无法使用a lt+enter进行选择了,你可以查看一下你的aotutext

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    Quote Originally Posted by b4500337 View Post
    不知道你是不是使用alt+enter无法找到还是说在设置里面无法找到呢?理论上如果你安装成功的pin yin输入会在语言与文本输入中看到你安装的输入法。
    不过还有一种可能,是不是你的pinyin使用的是autotext进行的呢?如果是这样的话就无法使用a lt+enter进行选择了,你可以查看一下你的aotutext
    Hey B4500337, I translated your post below...

    Do not know that you are not using the alt + enter can not be found or that can not find it in the set up inside? Theoretically if you install the pin yin input language text input see you installed input method. But there is another possibility, is not your pinyin is autotext? If so, then you can not use a lt + enter to select, you can look at your aotutext

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