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    Quote Originally Posted by Derek Zielinski View Post
    I have a problem like that, I can't open an SMS sometimes and the only things that works to get to it is a reboot. I only use English so it's not exactly the same as your problem, also looking for some help.
    Are you sure, that your 464 install is ok? I think, I would try to reinstall the OS once more?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by edriss View Post
    It works. On the bottom of my pod there are 2 prongs that when the phone is placed in there the contacts on the side move in and touch the phone make sure this works with your new bezel... could be the charging pod, do you have a multi meter to check voltage at the contacts?
    Sorry for the late response but problem was solved that day. I have so many cables tangled I didn't realize that the plug partially came out. Lol I hate when I fail to troubleshoot at the simplest thing first.

    And I'm aware of how the pod works, but the reason why I was questioning is the bezel is shiny on the outside but rubbery (if u will) on the inside. I wasn't so sure how conductive the charging contacts were. Never seen anything like it. And not lately but in earlier versions of 4.6 ie: .247, .266, .282, .297, I saw some significant differences in charging pod behavior.

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