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    OS Findings & Fixes

    Well it's a little funny/silly to see carriers still releasing official device software not is not OS 5.0 know just how close it is to being official. Really makes you wonder what is going on behind the closed doors at a carrier in regards to OS testing. Never the less, AT&T has officially released OS for the 8900. We have already seen numerous 5.0 leaks for the 8900 which is why this is kind of silly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sunkast View Post
    AT&T has officially released OS for the 8900.
    I upgraded two weeks ago. This OS was ok -- not a lot of noticable changes from previous OSs. I had to return to .250 yesterday though because this .315 was killing my battery.

    The final straw was charging my 8900 yesterday morning and turning on my device. Went to take a shower and returned 20 minutes later and had lost over 10% of my battery life by just turning my 8900 and leaving it on my dresser.

    This one is a big battery hog and doesn't manage power usage well.

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