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    She tried & is now very happy. Thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wolfwatcher51 View Post
    Actually I did understand exactly what he was telling me to do.

    If you go to pimp my blackberry, or maybe it was crackberry, and want to dl a theme, when you click on the ota link for your device/OS it gives you an url to use in your phone's browser, not a file.

    Basically, I was saying that their way left no confusion about what to do and I was just wondering why this site could not do the same thing. Seems much less confusing, to me anyway. I guess that after my first experiences with ota for several themes that gave the url, I was surprised and confused about what was going on when clicking on the ota link on this site, that's all.

    I am sure that using and then navigating through the threads again would work as described, if you knew about It is probably in some "Hay noobs read this first" posting I just did not get to, yet. And I am also sure the copy link, place in email, email it to yourself and then clicking the link would work also.

    Clicking on an ota link and getting an url, enter that in your phone's browser and follow it to your download just seems easier, smoother, almost no confusion even for a complete noob is all I am trying to say. mfg: Just my $0.02 is all. I think it is time, for me at least, to put this discussion to bed.

    Thanks, Chris. :hail:

    I understand what you are saying, Chris. I have never seen an OTA link like that. It would actually defeat the point of it being an Over The Air link. I have used OTA links on many, many sites including the two you mentioned, and I don't remember it being that way. Not saying they aren't out there, just that I haven't seen them is all. So no disrespect intended.

    BUT...if that way works best for you try the following...RIGHT click on the OTA link, click on properties, then the URL will be in the properties message. You can then just type that in your phones browser.

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