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    Quote Originally Posted by frankiepapa View Post
    did that, still the same message..i appreciate the thoughts
    ok close DM and go mycomputer>C>programfiles>commonfiles>researchinmo tion>loader or apploader>delete the vendor.xml>loader.exe

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    you lost me after delete the vendor xml

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    Hi frankiepapa and welcome to BBOS!!! Here are complete instructions on how to install a hybrid. Please read thru the steps and pick up where you left off...appears to be at vendor.xml file delete step.

    1. Uninstall all other OS from PC thru add/remove programs, restart PC
    2. Download AND install base OS to PC
    3. Download the desired hybrid
    4. Double click on hybrid installer and follow instructions to install it over base OS. (Follow specific hybrid installation instructions per hybrid maker's recommendations)
    5. Back up your phone AND 3rd party apps (click on guide in my signature and there are steps for each process)
    6. When back ups all done, wipe your phone with BBSAK (
    7. If you would like to shrink the OS, here is a link to Shrink-A-OS:
    8. Delete vendor.xml file in c/program files/common files/research in motion/app loader, scroll to the bottom (if you use shrink a OS, it deletes it automatically)
    9. Double click on loader.exe or from shrink, click launch loader.exe
    10. Wait for it to be finished, then restore everything through Desktop Manager
    11. Do 3 60-second battery pulls (pull battery, wait 60seconds, replace battery, wait till phone boots up, repeat total of 3 times)
    12. Set everything up the way you like it and enjoy your phone

    Keep us posted and ask any questions that you may have.

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